The Password (the Weakest Link?)

Security needs to be a concern when you have a web presence because not everyone that uses the internet is nice.

Companies struggle...
  • An account is compromised
  • A website is defaced
  • A website is stolen
  • A network is compromised
If you have a website you should take security seriously.  I believe Google Sites helps us sleep better at night. 
  • Google keeps your Google Sites framework updated for you 
  • Google lets us subscribe to our website changes.  
  • With Google Sites you edit your site using SSL Secure Socket Layer technology.  
  • With Google Sites you can choose to log onto your account using "Two Step Verification" 
The Google Sites Framework is updated by Google:
  • You do not have to download test and install the latest version
  • You do not have to pay for escalated IT support when your update fails
  • With many websites your IT support has to login to yet another account (possible access point for the bad guy) 
Subscribe to Website Changes:
  • If your website was compromised; wouldn't it be nice to be notified
  • Many websites that are in production today do not have this capability built in
  • You can set this feature up in a matter of seconds
SSL and Google Sites:
  • Many websites today do not incorporate SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology.
  • SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a protocol that provides secure communications on the Internet
  • A secure connection prevents hijacking by protecting the cookie session. Cookie session hijacking refers to a situation where an impostor gains unauthorized access to cookies and seizes control of a legitimate session while it is still in progress.
  • Google Sites use SSL technology when you are in edit mode
The Password (the Weakest Link?)
Do you stay logged into your account even after you walk away from your computer?
Do you keep your password taped to your monitor?
Do you choose predictable passwords?
You can take advantage of Google's "Two Step Verification" to dramatically strengthen your password strategy. This feature is now available for both Google's Free and Premiere accounts.  
When enabled; to successfully log into your Google account you need to plug in another random generated code that is sent to the phone number of your choice (voice or text).