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What is Phishing?

What is Spamming?

What is the Cloud?

If someone asks you to "Skype" with them what do they want you to do?

If someone says "Google it";  what are they asking you to do?

Paste the following question in the Google Search engine

What does Google it mean?

Amazon has more than an online store; they also provide several important services for business. What abbreviation does Amazon use to identify their services?


What is a Wifi enabled device introduced to the marketplace in 2013 that can display low bandwidth web content from a browser tab to a high definition TV?

What company purchased Skype in 2001?

What is the default browser for the iPad in 2014?

What companies CEO issued a public letter titled "Thoughts on Flash" which expressed the idea that flash is no longer necessary to play web video?

What is a web site design approach that uses techniques that allow content to be displayed differently on devices with varying screen sizes?

What section amends the Rehabilitation Act that was designed to benefit people with disabilities as they navigate Federal websites?

Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) provide what testable levels of criteria?

Redeemed UltraViolet videos can be played by logging into your internet based account with?

In 2002, PayPal became a wholly owned subsidiary of?

The Webkit project started within what major company in 2001?

The first version of Microsoft Internet Explorer was made public in what year?

The Mozilla Firefox browser went through several name changes before they released their first version in what year?

Dropbox uses what what companies storage system to store its customers files?

What company introduced a device called the "Kindle" in 2007?

What operating system did the Barnes & Noble 'Nook' device use in 2009?

 What internet browser's usage share had fallen from over 90 percent in the mid-1990s to less than one percent by the end of 2006?

What was the name of the first internet browser which was invented in 1990?

What was the name of the first internet browser which was invented in 1990?

Techno-Visions Software is not associated with any of the companies referenced in our internet quiz; our thanks goes out to the companies and organizations that are changing the world as we know it with innovation that is impossible to really keep up with.  

A special thanks goes out to Wikipedia for providing a great service.