Quiz Maker Device Capabilities

Bring Your Own Device

Designed to work for your organization

We wanted to create a application the loads and functions seamlessly on as many modern devices as possible

        -  Computers
        -  Tablets
        -  Smart phones

Because our application is responsive to mobile; you can keep deployment simple, no need to have a different application ready for different devices.  Our Application lives in the Cloud with nothing to download; not even plugins.  

Tested with the following devices 

  • Windows PC's - Using the Chrome and Firefox browsers
  • Google's Chrome Book (Samsung XE303C12-A01US)
  • HTC Evo™ V 4G  Phone - Android 4.03
  • Mac Book Pro by Apple -  Using the Chrome and Safari browser - OSX Version 10.8.3
  • IPad by Apple
  • Xoom by Motorola - Android version 4.1.2