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Make learning fun 

A timer clicks away as ten questions are displayed one by one in random order.  Correct answers increase the score and wrong answers decrease it.  See where you placed and re-take to improve your score.  Organizations the use 'Google Apps for Business' or 'Google Apps for Education' can generate quiz games for their organization with this tool.

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Making Google's services work for your organization

People with all sorts of devices can access your quizzes when they have a Google account. Your questions, answers, and quiz configurations are typed into Google spreadsheet. We load your application in our Google App Engine account and work with your IT department to get your organization up and running.  Once our system is set up you will be able to make as many quizzes as you would like.  Your pool of questions is not limited to 10 and your Statistics and Leader board can be reset at any time. 

Tapping into the power of Google App Engine

  • Google App Engine is a powerful system that can scale to meet your needs
    • If you have only a few hits a day; Google will gladly serve your quizzes up
    • Get a few thousands hits; Google keeps on serving
Note: Google app engine has a free tier which may be enough for your organization.  If your organizations usage has to be increased we will work with you to upgrade your application to Paid Application status. 

Tight Integration with your existing organization

Working with your IT folks; we can attach your quiz server as a sub-domain for your organization. 

Google Docs

  • You type your questions and answers into a Google spreadsheet
  • Our application records student scores in that same spreadsheet
  • Google spreadsheets can be setup to send daily emails to an instructor when a quizzes have been taken  

Running in the Browser

We wanted to keep this system simple. There is not a device specific application that needs to be downloaded or installed to make this system work. This system lives in the browser and it is plugin free.

Get Information on each individuals performance 

  • See when your students or employees took their first quiz
  • See what their first score was
  • See what their high score was 
  • See what their last score was
  • See when the last quiz was taken
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Note: Microsoft's browsers do not understand our code; we recommend a modern browser like ChromeFirefox or Safari.