Create a Quiz

Creating Quiz Games

There are two types of quizzes that we can create using this system.  Your quiz game can appear in the sponsored quiz game or your quiz could be hidden but still easily accessed by using a link published in an email or a webpage.

1. Create a Google account; if you do not have one.
2. Contact us so that we can send you a spreadsheet template for your quiz
3. Create your Quiz using the template
4. Send the completed template back to us 
5. We finalize the process and your quiz appears in the sponsored quiz list for all mobile users

How much does it cost to sponsor a quiz?

Both quiz formats published and unpublished remain active at the same cost.
- $5.00 per month
- $0.00 Setup Fee

Supported Browsers

This product does not work with Internet Explorer products; we suggest that you choose a modern browser like Chrome or Firefox if you want to use this quiz game system.

Content Approval

All quiz games go through our approval process; we reserve the right to not publish a quiz if we find it inappropriate.