IGoogle Replacement

No more IGoogle

Google announced that there will be no more IGoogle after November 1, 2013.  There are a lot of people that like IGoogle and many are searching for alternatives.   

Google is suggesting that users use the Chrome browser and Chrome Store applications.  I do like Chrome and I do like Chrome Store applications. 

I think of my IGoogle page as a personalized page full of Widget like applications that enhance my browser experience.  Today I think that the Chrome store alternative like a page full of link buttons that will open cool little applications.  I think there is a difference.

RSS Feeds and IGoogle

RSS feeds are very cool.  My Igoogle page consists mostly of RSS Feed Gadgets.
  • I have a couple of  rotating picture galleries that display my favorite Picasa albums that are made possible by using RSS feeds.
  • I have a couple of 4 tabbed Gadgets that display News feeds
  • I have a couple slideshow gadgets that display Picasa picture feeds

Other Gadgets

  • I have a button Gadget that takes me to predefined pages
  • I have a weather gadget that lets me see the current weather along with a the local forecast 

So how do I replace this current functionality?

  •  Create a Google Sites website
  • Adjust Permissions
  • Add Website Gadgets
 Check out our Demo Site