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Slideshow 4 Flickr by TVS

Slideshow 4 Flickr by TVS!

Gadget Description:
This Gadget makes it possible to easily add a Flikr Set to a Slideshow for your website. 

You can connect to RSS feeds from Flickr with Slideshow 4 Flickr by TVS!.

Creates a Slideshow from a RSS URL your Flickr Set 
    - Control the size of the title text
    - Control the title color (web safe color choices)

Title Link
    - Your title can link to any location on the internet 
Background and borders
    - Control background colors
    - Control top and bottom border color
Image display
    - Control image display size  by changing the gadget width and height 
    - Control the rotation speed 
    - Control the transition speed
    - Control the pause on mouse over features 
    - Control the Image controls (hide them if needed)
    - Random Image display option

Color Themes
The Blue Theme 
Blue Theme 1 Light Blue Theme 1 - Light
Blue Theme 2 Blue Theme 2
Blue Theme 3 Blue Theme 3
Blue Theme 4 Blue Theme 4
Blue Theme 5 Blue Theme 5
Blue Theme 6 Blue Theme 6
Blue Theme 7 Blue Theme 7
Blue Theme 8 Blue Theme 8
Blue Theme 9 Blue Theme 9
Blue Theme 10 Blue Theme 10 - Dark

Picture Size:  If your pictures are too large they may not display in this gadget.
I always re-size my pictures as a batch to a width of 600px using a program called PIXResizer before uploading them.