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ShareThis Mini by TVS!

Use the following link when adding your gadget

This Gadget uses the ShareThis service: We are not affiliated with the ShareThis organization.

This Google Gadget lets the webmaster choose from several types of buttons.

Setup Help
"ShareThis UserID" (Leave the default value if you are not registered with ShareThis) 

If you want to track your clicks 
  • Register or join ShareThis by going to their website
  • Type in your ShareThis UserID in the gadget properties 
"Your Page URL" field needs the URL value for the page that holds the gadget.
Tip:  For best results; put in the User URL not the Admin URL
Don't use...

Credits to: and all of the social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google +.

For best results make sure you put some text in your Site "Title" field. Some buttons like Facebook for example scrape your screen to determine its title. Some buttons  use the 'Title' field in this Gadget.

More Examples Below