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ShareThis by TVS!


Put social networking buttons on your Google Sites webpage.  This Gadget uses the ShareThis service: This Gadget uses the ShareThis service, we are not affiliated with the ShareThis organization.


Part 1 - Add Our Gadget To Your Page

1. Copy the link for our gadget
2. Edit your Google Sites Page
3. Choose "Insert"
4. Choose "More Gadgets"
5. Choose "Add Gadget by URL"
6. Paste in the URL that you copied in step one

Part 2 - Register with the ShareThis Service (optional)

1. Register on the ShareThis website

Part 3 - Configure Your Gadget

1. Go to the properties of your gadget when in your page in edit mode.
2. In the "ShareThis UserID" field add your "UserID" or leave the default value in place
3.  In the "Your Page URL" field place the "http"  url for your webpage page.
        Don't use...
4. In the "Your Page Title" field Replace the default title with your own organization title
5. In the "Back Color" field change the value if needed to adjust your background color.
6. Adjust the text for the 5 buttons as needed.
7. Adjust the 5 services as needed
8. Add text to the 'Optional Text'  field if you would like to see text below the buttons
9. Adjust the "Optional Text Size" as needed
10. Adjust the "Optional Text Color" as needed
11. Adjust the "Optional Text Align" as needed
12. Repeat steps 8, 9, 10 and 11 for optional text 2 and 3
13. Verify that you version is at "Current Version 2.02" (Updated 09/29/2014)
14. Adjust the "Display Width" value
15. Adjust the "Display Height" value
16. Adjust the "Include a scrollbar on gadget when necessary" checked or unchecked value
17. Adjust the "Include a border around gadget" checked or unchecked value
18. Adjust the "Display title on gadget:" checked or unchecked value as needed
19. Change the "Display title on gadget:" text to your own text if you choose to display a title 

Credits to: and all of the social media sites.

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