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Text Rotator by TVS!

Text Rotator By TVS!

Gadget Description:
This Gadget makes it possible for anyone to easily add rotating messages with links to their website. 
Fixed text (Line 1) 
    - Type in your own text
    - Control the size of the text
    - Control the text color
Rotating Text
    - Type in your own text
    - Control the size of the text
    - Control the rotation speed
    - Control the text color
    - Rotate with Text
    - Change the link destination
    - Change the link Text
    - Control Background Color
Additional Gadget Features - (Part of Google Framework)
    - Display with or without borders
    - Control Display Size   

Copy and Paste the URL below to add this gadget to your Google Sites page

Note: The old link or gadget will not be updated; please update your links today so that you will have the most current version going forward.
Current version 2.01 - 03/16/2017