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Random Image Slideshow By TVS!


The gadget lets you randomly display up to 20 pictures. Change the rotation time, size and background color as needed. When you load the pictures to an internet directory load them using the following naming conventions. (1.jpg, 2.jpg, 3.jpg,...) 


Part 1 - Add Our Gadget To Your Page

1. Copy the link for our gadget
2. Edit your Google Sites Page
3. Choose "Insert"
4. Choose "More Gadgets"
5. Choose "Add Gadget by URL"
6. Paste in the URL that you copied in step one

Part 2 - Prepare Your Pictures

- This gadget supports the following file types .png .gif or .jpg.
- All of your images must converted to the same file type such as .png 
- Name the images consecutively 1.png, 2.png, 3.png ...
- Consider using consistent file sizes and note the size that you choose
Note: The default for this Gadget is 600 width by 400 height so that is a good size to start with  
- Pick a Google Sites page to upload your files to
1. On your page go into page edit mode 
2. Click on 'Insert' from the menu.
2. Then click on 'Image'
3. Upload your images to that page
4. Copy your page URL where your pictures were uploaded to
Note: Make sure your path ends with a forward slash.

Part 3 - Configure Your Gadget

1. Go to the properties of your gadget when in your page in edit mode.
2. Paste the URL that you just copied into the "Directory where pictures are located" field.
3.  Adjust the "Picture Extension" value to match the extension of the pictures that you uploaded.
4. Adjust the "Number of pictures" value to match the number of pictures that you uploaded. 
5. Adjust the "Width for pictures (match the sizes)" to match the value for your picture size.
6. Adjust the "Height for pictures (match the sizes)" to match the value for your picture size.
7. Adjust the "Background Color" value.  Remember Transparent is an option.
8. Verify that you version is at "Current Version 2.02" (Updated 09/24/2014)
9. Adjust the "Display Width" value
10. Adjust the "Display Height" value
11. Adjust the "Include a scrollbar on gadget when necessary" checked or unchecked value
12. Adjust the "Include a border around gadget" checked or unchecked value
13. Adjust the "Display title on gadget:" checked or unchecked value as needed
14. Change the "Display title on gadget:" text to your own text if you choose to display a title 

If you added your gadget using a different URL then we urge you upgrade using our current URL.

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