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QRCode PageLink by TVS!


The QRCode is special barcode that in this case can help the mobile device get to your website. The user with a computer visits the page with their computer and the QRCode and the ShortURL are there to provide easy mobile access using their smart phone. We include the short URL as a backup for when the smart phone is unable to read the code.  

There are many ways to get a short URL; my favorite is Google service.  I like how their service gives you analytic support.

This gadget lets you control the link color, background color and the text color.  You can also adjust the QRCode size. 

Copy and Paste the URL below to add this gadget to your Google Sites page

Note: The old link or gadget will not updated; please update your links today so that you have the most current version going forward.
Current version 3.01 - 03/16/2017

This gadget uses the Google QRCode API and Google ShortURL service, we are not affiliated with Google.