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HTML5 Audio byTVS!

HTML5 Audio By TVS!

The Concept

How can a webmaster provide streaming audio on their website?  It is a challenge for sure.  With the explosion of smart phones and tablets many of your customers can not view Flash content. Today a majority of our customers can render HTML5 audio on their devices.   Firefox, Chrome and higher versions of Internet Explorer can stream .MP3 audio with HTML5 tags.  Older versions of Internet Explorer are left out of the HTML5 world.  We believe HTML5 is the way to go so worked up a gadget that plays HTML5 Audio.  Our testing shows that fallback to .MP3 also gives users with older versions of Internet explorer the ability to listen to your audio if they also have software that plays .mp3 files installed on their machines.     



Lets you add .ogg and mp3 file paths. Lets you control the fallback path and text for browsers that do not support HTML5 audio.  Lets you control the background color.  

Once you get the Gadget on your page go to the Gadget properties and edit the information.