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HTML Link by TVS

The first sample link
The second sample link below

The Concept

Google Sites like most of today's websites are styled.  The difference is that the developer can not get to the code to fine tune some of the styles and add their own styles to overcome issues.  I have found that certain color combinations while styling can result in hard to read links in the site footer area.  I decided to build this Gadget to help with that scenario.  You can now build the site so the footer links show up properly and then modify your content links so that they show up fine using this Gadget.  After you get the Gadget properties adjusted correctly add new links by using Copy/Paste and make only a few adjustments to add the additional links.       



Lets you add the expected link text and address (URL).  Lets you adjust the regular  link color and the color when someone hovers over the link.  Lets you add text that appears when a person hovers over the link.  Lets you control the link size.  Lets you control the link background color.  

Once you get the Gadget on your page go to the Gadget properties and edit your url, text, color and more.  An easy way to get the link url is to add a link like you normally using the method provided by Google.  Then click on the link and choose the 'change' option.  Copy/Paste the url into the properties of the gadget.