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Google + Page - Badge Helper by TVS!


On 09/20/2014 I did some searching and found no way to add Google + Page Badges to my Google Sites pages.  I decided to create a Google Gadget that could be used for this purpose.


Part 1 - Add Our Gadget To Your Page

1. Copy the link for our gadget
2. Edit your Google Sites Page
3. Choose "Insert"
4. Choose "More Gadgets"
5. Choose "Add Gadget by URL"
6. Paste in the URL that you copied in step one

Part 2 - Copy your page identifier

1. Go to your Google + Business Page
2. Look at the URL
3. Copy your Google Page ID; it will be similar to the one highlighted above

Part 3 - Configuring your Gadget

1. Edit your Google Sites page
2. Click on the gadget
3. Click on the Gear (Properties)
4. Delete the default "Google Page ID"  
5. Paste your "Google Page ID" that you copied in Part Two - Step 2
6. Save your changes

This gadget uses the existing Google + service and related features, we are not affiliated with Google. 

Please contact us with any questions you might have