Consulting Services

Consulting Services

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We are living in an awesome and yet uncertain time.  Businesses strive to reduce waste and provide robust services for their customers and employees.  Many businesses can see the value of shifting some of their solutions into a managed services platform.  Sometimes that causes some internal pain.  

An employer might ask themselves any number of questions...

How to I train my employees so they can excel with these new solutions?   

How do we begin leveraging the new tools that are now available to us because our company now uses Gmail?

My name is Chris Smith and I am the owner of Techno-Visions Software.  I believe the web and the browser provide serious solutions for business.  One example is mobile.  Many of today's database solutions for business don't allow easy access to mobile devices.  If the business built solutions that lived in the browser and if the solutions were responsive to mobile; their world would begin to change.