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Terms of Use

Our Terms of Use

Google Docs and Sharing During the Evaluation Period

Applications by Techno-Visions Software require shared documents and spreadsheets to function properly during the evaluation period.  We do not own the data contained in these shared documents but we do own the code that makes the application work. 

Techno-Visions Software will not use or copy your data for any reason except what might be necessary to support the application for your organization. 

Permitted by law
You will use our application only as permitted by law (including without limitation laws regarding the import or export of data or software, privacy, or local laws). You will not use the application to encourage or promote illegal activity. You will not knowingly use the purchased application to violate applicable law or these terms.

Copyright Protection

Copyright (c) 2014 Techno-Visions Software - Any use of the code written in our applications belongs to Techno-Visions Software and is hereby the owner. If used, one must have strict approval by Techno-Visions Software of the code written.

Usage by Your Organization

Techno-Visions Software will give you one code set or application for use with one domain or sub-domain within your organization.   If you need more copies of the code/application then your organization would need to purchase the appropriate license for that product. 

Our applications can then be launched using links from any number of sources including sources outside of your domain.  Feel free to also use non traditional deployment tactics such as links via QRCodes when you deploy your application.