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Rate it byTVS!

Rate it by TVS !

Standard Application

Your active subscription allows you to use one or all of our Standard applications for your organization. 

We make it yours 

We customize this Ratings form and send you a link so you can test it and then embed it on your Google Sites pages.  If we maintain your Google site we can add it to the appropriate pages for you.   You can also put a link in the body of an email.

Why is this Ratings Form special? 

  • Cost effective
  • Customized to fit your needs
    • Colors can be customized 
    • Text can be customized 
  • Email's results to you if desired
  • Submissions write data to your spreadsheet
  • Responsive design; adjusts for mobile devices
  • Code can be customized by you
  • Keyboard accessible
  • No apps or plugins for the user to download

Current Version

Version 2.1.01 11/15/2016