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Display Table by TVS!

Why Display Table by TVS? 

  • Add tabs without coding
  • Change column names without coding
  • Control the number of tabs without coding
  • Cost effective
  • Displays Data from a Google Spreadsheet
  • Dynamic column sorting
  • Dynamic user defined filtering 
  • Easy setup; no need to be a programmer
  • Keyboard accessible
  • Modern design
  • No apps or plugins for the user to download
  • Optimized for speed
  • Responsive design; works on mobile devices
  • Robust search capabilities

Deployment options

  • Embed on a Google Site
  • Send a form using a link in an email
  • Put a link on a non Google website


The data for this project is brought in dynamically using a Google spreadsheet.  This method provides for easy setup but it also has limitations.  At this point in time we can not control the data output at a formatting level.  

Example: Emails, phone numbers and links will most likely not be clickable at this release level.  

How do I get the Form?
Step 1.  Fill out and Submit the Registration form below
Step 2.  Purchase the application using the Pay Pal link below 
Step 3.  Look for an email from us

Current Version
Version 1.1.01 - 05/05/2016 (Pre-release)